Manufacturing Solutions

We Outperform on the Five Key Factors of Metallization Service

With deep capabilities and expertise in a broad range of sputtering and electroplating technologies, Metrigraphics stands apart in our ability to apply metal coatings to substrates as needed to fulfill our customers' demanding and unique requirements. We invite you to qualify us to be your full-service metallization provider.

Count on Metrigraphics to outperform on these five key factors of metallization success:

  • Component size
  • Coating thickness
  • Substrate material
  • Coating material
  • Adhesion properties

For example, our six KDF/MRC, large-area, sputtering systems can deposit a wide range of metals on substrates up to 12" x 12" or 144 square inches. To coat chrome and Inconel on substrates (up to 85" long) we use a dual-chamber, thermal evaporator.

Our electroplating baths can plate substrates up to 12" x 12", made of almost any type of material, including:

  • Glass
  • Metals
  • Polymer films

We routinely plate/sputter such metals as:

  • Nickel cobalt (P)
  • Nickel (P, S)
  • Copper (P, S)
  • Pure gold (P, S)
  • Hard gold (P)
  • Palladium (S)
  • Platinum (P, S)
  • Rhodium (S)
  • Magnetic materials (P, S)