Micron-scale Flexible Circuits at IMS 2016

Posted on Wednesday, March 09, 2016
Micron-scale Flexible Circuits at IMS 2016 At booth 1012 in San Francisco at the IMS show from May 24th - 26th, Metrigraphics will be discussing their latest technology such as thin film, flex circuits, and electroforming.

Micron-scale flexible circuits from Metrigraphics can be produced in multi-layers and with circuit lines as narrow as 3 microns. They’re flexible enough to wrap around small objects and are durable enough for harsh MIL-COM environments. Circuits are achieved via high-resolution photolithography, as well as sputtered thin-film and plated metal deposition techniques. Multilayer flexible circuits are constructed of several independently stacked, aligned and interconnected layers composed of very thin sputtered metal on polyimide substrates. Typical applications include sensors, electrodes, coils, resistors, inductors, conductors, and bridges.